June 15, 2015
Herman Miller Launches Metaform Portfolio, Supporting User-Defined Work Settings

Designed for Herman Miller by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, Metaform Portfolio™ delineates space and creates diverse settings with modular blocks and functional accessories that can be easily configured and reconfigured – in the moment – by the people who use them. In the new landscape of work, people expect everything they encounter in their workday to be as flexible and intuitive as their personal technology devices. Metaform, available for order as of June 2015, offers users an unprecedented ability to tailor the workplace to their unique needs, and to adjust their surroundings as needs evolve.

Continuing the tradition of material innovation at Herman Miller, Metaform uses a common material – expanded polypropylene (EPP) – in an uncommon way. Through a process of extensive refinement, the designers at Studio 7.5 elevated EPP—often found as a substrate in everything from safety gear to high-end automobile components—to a pure, aesthetically pleasing material that doesn’t require a finish.

Metaform blocks, formed in one of the world’s largest EPP molds, weigh less than 20 pounds each, yet have structural rigidity so that they can be easily arranged and rearranged by the average worker to create customizable settings. Due to the material properties of EPP, Metaform blocks can withstand impact, are resistant to water, chemicals, most oils, and temperature extremes, and are also recyclable.

Accented with a colorful array of highly versatile add-on accessories and functional elements including lightweight shelves, work surfaces, and a media rig, Metaform enables the creation of a Living Office landscape that reflects the unique purpose, character, and activities of an individual, a team, or an organization.

“Our goal is to enable people to assume a role similar to that of a craftsperson in his or her shop, surrounded by what he needs to be most productive,” says Studio 7.5. “Metaform empowers people by giving them more control over their environments and tools.”

About Herman Miller
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