2021 Nemschoff Chair Competition

Since 2005, Nemschoff’s annual Chair Design Competition has given University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Architecture and Urban Planning students the opportunity to bring their very own chair designs to life. Students who participate in the competition learn valuable design lessons from our Nemschoff team.  They are guided in getting the design concept from their mind onto paper, creating models, and then bringing their concept to fruition. The students learn how to apply math, geometry, and ergonomics to their designs. They also learn about materials and construction methods and how those choices impact the cost of the chair.

This year, students created chair prototypes and competed for a chance to build a full-scale version of their chair with our Design and Development team. In partnership with Herman Miller Cares, the top three students received scholarships to further foster their design and innovative thinking. This year's winner was John Henry Engelmohr from St. Louis, MO. Below are pictures of John’s finished design! 



This competition is a great way for Nemschoff to continually encourage students’ creativity, provide them with unique exposure to our brand and inspire them to consider Herman Miller or our family of brand companies for employment in the future.

Congratulations to all the finalists and to everyone who made this possible for yet another year, especially amidst the pandemic. #hermanmillercares #designforthegoodofhumankind

Check out the PDFs below to see the designs from the other two finalists as well as an overview of the students' experience during their time at Nemschoff.

Competition Finalists

Competition Overview